Envisioning a Chinese String Quartet in Singapore, Stringanza was spontaneously formed by four friends, Kwuan Boon, Weilin, Kok Jun and Vincent in 2009. It showcases the Chinese two-stringed fiddle, erhu and its variations, gaohu and zhonghu, playing alongside a western cello. Each fiddle varies in their tone quality and pitch resulting in an eclectic blend of sonority and timbre unique to the quartet.

Fiddling a cause

Simply for the love of playing together, Stringanza works towards making the arts accessible to the community. Since then, Stringanza has taken on different platforms to engage different audiences locally. Always keen to explore new platforms and performance concepts, Stringanza's outreach efforts include performances at the Esplanade Concourse, National University of Singapore (NUS), Gardens by the Bay, St. John's Home for the elderly, Asian Civilisations Museum, Ulu Pandan Community Club and more...

Stringanza welcomes - Andrew and Ruijun.

Lim Kwuan Boon

Kwuan Boon performs on the gaohu in Stringanza. A versatile performer, Kwuan Boon's performing experiences spans from traditional Chinese concerts to Jazz performances. His music is sure to touch your hearts! Opps! We forgot to mention, he is also second place winner in the National Arts Council Chinese Music Competition. Kwuan Boon also contributes to Stringanza's library of erhu music by arranging energetic and delightful tunes close to our hearts.

Leaw Weilin

Weilin plays on the erhu in Stringanza and keys for Stringanza's Peek Series Videos. Passionate in all projects, Weilin contribute to administrative, publicity and content creation processes for the quartet.

Phang Kok Jun

Kok Jun performs on the zhonghu in Stringanza. Currently based in the States, Kok Jun drives and contributes to the local music scene by creating original compositions. Equally capable in both Western and Chinese music, Kok Jun's works are distinct and style and character fusing Western and Chinese cultures seamlessly.

Ng Rui Jun

Rui Jun performs on the zhonghu in Stringanza. An up and coming talent in the Chinese Orchestra scene, be sure to pay attention to Rui Jun's performance with Stringanza! He will blow you away with his stylish playing!

Vincent Luo

Vincent basses up the quartet by providing pulsating rhythms and infectious beats. Playing on the cello, Vincent is the founding member of the quartet. His passionate performance is always a joy to watch. Remember to listen out for his parts in our future performances!

Andrew Chan

Andrew performs on the cello in Stringanza. Master of sight-reading, Andrew's love for cello led him to excel in both Western and Chinese music. His music drives the quartet, shaping and energizing the air all around us!