7 Years

You might have been following us or you might be a first time visitor to our site, spotting us via our facebook page or heard our videos on Youtube. We, or rather I have just realised our quartet is on our 7th year together. Indeed it has been long, interspersed by long and short breaks in between. We have aged.

Recently, there’s this song by Lukas Graham, "7 years" which I love so much.

It can just go on continuously and I don’t seem to get tired of it… It has topped charts across Europe and making waves on Youtube. Indie groups and music acts have also slammed their renditions of 7 years and received much attention. In short, this song is about Lukas’s life and also what he hopes to achieve in future. With much thought, and especially since our quartet is also in our 7th year, I decided to give it a try. It will be done by us! on Piano and Erhu.

Stringanza Peek Series is a project we started last year, with the aim of letting the world know how nice the erhu can sound when accompanied by other instruments. In Peek Series, we explore all kinds of different instrumentation, with erhu as the solo instrument and of course, it’s a peek into our life and the songs we love. Of course, we are still going to focus on our quartet music, but when we have some time to spare, we’ll do some jam sessions for our peek series. Support our Peek series here!