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Quartet Videos

When we have time, yes, when we have time, we line up pieces of music that we REALLY REALLY want to try out. There is a looooonnng list of pieces we want to try.. Well, we have forever to complete the list! Right now, we have some for your enjoyment.



At the Concourse

Our first official performance is right there at the Esplanade Concourse. We have therefore always made an effort to share our music with all the audience at the concourse. Here are some of our videos taken at the concourse. Please visit our Youtube page to look at more of our concourse videos.


Stringanza Peek Series

Peeking into the daily lives of Stringanza members, this series strolls through the different instruments and music that we play. For pure enjoyment and the joy of making music together! Beware! This is not our regular quartet arrangments. It features configurations like, piano & erhu, erhu & guitar, cajon, erhu and piano etc... The only takeaway you need to have - Erhu sounds awesome with any instrument :D


Fiddling Around

For the most ridiculous fun or just plain clips that we want to document and get some audience for. Basically, if you know any of us personally, this section is for you. Also, for people that want to know MORRRREE about us, our rehearsals, our kind of Fun, our kind of jokes and just plain daily stuffs... This is where you look!